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Local Startup Development Program

Investments, access to an expanded business network, mentoring and expert support for Moldovan startups. Participation in the program provides a connection with a multitude of investors and the experience of specialists from different fields.

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Launching a startup is the first and difficult stage for beginners, at which failures are already possible, but with the expert help of an accelerator, risks can be avoided, since we have experience in launching startups on the Moldovan market.


A correctly chosen development strategy will provide a quick and high-quality test of the MVP and hypotheses associated with the project. With a verified MVP, it is necessary to collect data that will be useful not only for the team, but also give potential investors to evaluate the startup.


At this stage, it is important to check and prepare all promotion channels so that you can increase your advertising budget. This is a responsible task, since often the money already from the investments received is used for scaling. If you do not have a marketing team, then it is safer to trust the specialists.


Obtaining investment is a difficult process, as it requires a well-formed investment request and development plan for a startup in order to be attractive to investors. It is also necessary to resolve legal issues that are accompanied by the receipt of funds.


Getting investments is a vital goal for every startup, but not everyone has an understanding of all the processes of getting them. The XY accelerator will help prepare for receiving investments and present the startup to investors, or invest from its own fund. If the investment has already been received, then XY will assist in the next more complex and serious round of investment and prepare a list of required legal documents.



Over the 2 years of Acleserator's existence, we managed to launch quite a few startups; you can learn more about each of them on this page.



We have compiled training articles, guides and tips for aspiring startups for the convenience of those who decide to associate themselves with startups.



It contains all the relevant information about the startup market in the form of successful cases, tops, trends, etc. Reading the blog will help you keep abreast of the latest developments.

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How to define the type and stage of a startup?

When working on a startup, you need to understand which direction it belongs to, since this information must be used in order to study competitors and the start-up market in general in this area. Among the directions there are the following types of startups: edtech, medtech, e commerce, hr tech, fintech, etc.

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Image Woop și Telepotravel - companiile finanțate de XY Accelerator powered by Tekwill
DEC 15 2021 1 minutes to read

Woop și Telepotravel - companiile finanțate de XY Accelerator powered by Tekwill

XY Accelerator powered by Tekwill, programul antreprenorial care dezvoltă companii de la zero, anunță că în urma lansării și desfășurării a programului, a investit în 2 startup-uri câte $8000.

Image Descoperă țara împreună cu platforma Teleportravel
DEC 15 2021 2 minutes to read

Descoperă țara împreună cu platforma Teleportravel

Teleportravel este o nouă platformă de turism, care oferă tururi în cele mai neexplorate și neobișnuite locuri din Moldova. De asemenea, este o platformă unde persoanele pot singure crea tururi pentru care sunt și răsplătiți financiar.

Image O afacere verde
DEC 15 2021 3 minutes to read

O afacere verde

De trei ani, Anastasia și Elena, înverzesc locuințele și oficiile din capitală, oferindu-le un aspect mai „sănătos”. Cei mai fideli clienți fiind companiile mari de IT. Unele oficii devin adevărate grădini botanice, după vizitele antreprenoarelor.