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XY is not only an accelerator for ready-made startups, but also a platform for educating and preparing future startups to participate in the organization's programs. On this page, materials useful for training will be collected so that you can engage in self-study, and for those who want more serious training, there is the XY Academy.

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Image Woop și Telepotravel - companiile finanțate de XY Accelerator powered by Tekwill
DEC 15 2021 1 minutes to read

Woop și Telepotravel - companiile finanțate de XY Accelerator powered by Tekwill

XY Accelerator powered by Tekwill, programul antreprenorial care dezvoltă companii de la zero, anunță că în urma lansării și desfășurării a programului, a investit în 2 startup-uri câte $8000.

Image Descoperă țara împreună cu platforma Teleportravel
DEC 15 2021 2 minutes to read

Descoperă țara împreună cu platforma Teleportravel

Teleportravel este o nouă platformă de turism, care oferă tururi în cele mai neexplorate și neobișnuite locuri din Moldova. De asemenea, este o platformă unde persoanele pot singure crea tururi pentru care sunt și răsplătiți financiar.

Image O afacere verde
DEC 15 2021 3 minutes to read

O afacere verde

De trei ani, Anastasia și Elena, înverzesc locuințele și oficiile din capitală, oferindu-le un aspect mai „sănătos”. Cei mai fideli clienți fiind companiile mari de IT. Unele oficii devin adevărate grădini botanice, după vizitele antreprenoarelor.

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How to define the type and stage of a startup?

When working on a startup, you need to understand which direction it belongs to, since this information must be used in order to study competitors and the start-up market in general in this area. Among the directions there are the following types of startups: edtech, medtech, e commerce, hr tech, fintech, etc.

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What is a startup made of?

Every startup starts with a team and an idea that this team implements. At the initial stages, it is extremely important to make sure that the idea is relevant and the demand for the product that your team is going to make. When the idea is defined, it is important to determine the work plan and the investments and time required to implement the MVP of your product. Once the goals and necessary resources are determined, it is necessary to either create an investor right away, or do as much work as possible with the resources of the team, in order to confirm in practice some of the indicators that the startup will have to achieve. Further, the most important task becomes the development of MVP.

The goal of this step is to test your product hypothesis with the least possible investment of time, money, resources. With MVP, you study the customer and validate demand with minimal risk. Once you've released your MVP into the wild world of marketplaces, focus on getting users to your product. This is the moment when the first shoots of the seeds you have sown will be seen to satisfy the needs of the client. For early adopters, there is no clear recipe for how many there should be, but you need a sufficient number of users to draw conclusions whether customers use your product or refuse it.