What's new at XY: March 2022

XY is expanding at a rapid pace, and we feel overwhelmed reaching new heights. A lot has happened during March 2022, and we feel like it's the right time to go public with exciting news. So, let's dive in!

XY Accelerator (4th edition)

We received 232 applications:
  • out of total applicants, 54% were women and 46% were men,
  • their business ideas were mainly related to agriculture, education, e-commerce, fashion, media & advertising, jobs, entertainment, and travel,
  • the startups were on different stages of development: 58% - idea stage, 20% - MVP stage and 22% already recorded sales.

We selected best 6 startups:
  • on average, each of them has 2 team members, with an average age of 23 years,
  • their business ideas are related to education, fashion and entertainment.

Short overview of the enrolled startups:
Booking Assistant
is a mobile app that helps customers book sessions at beauty salons in less than three clicks.

Cardly Games
is manufacturing social card games for every type of event, no matter if it's a birthday party, friends' evening, or teambuilding.

is an event management system that helps organizers do more sales.

helps private schools teach their students via courses in AR & VR.

Online Stylist
helps people find the perfect outfits expressing their personality, taste, and status.

designs and sells innovational bedwear to help people sleep better.

XY E-commerce Incubator (1st edition)

We received 94 applications:
  • out of total applicants, 69% were women and 32% were men;
  • their business ideas were mainly related to: agriculture, education, fashion, media & advertisement, and marketplace;
  • the startups were on different stages of development: 51% sales stage, 35% - idea stage and 14% - MVP stage.

We selected the best 20 teams:
  • on average, each of them has 2 team members, with an average age of 35 years,
  • their business ideas are related to: marketplace, education, and fashion.

Short overview of the enrolled startups:
is planning to become a coffee shop that provides coffee subscriptions for private households & companies and is adding coffee equipment as a bonus.

produces and commercializes frozen wheatgrass juice to help people adopt a healthy and energized lifestyle.

C'est Cher
conceptualizes and sews transformable shirts with detachable parts that allow people to express their personalities.

produces and sells bath & body product boxes based on monthly subscriptions that are tailor-made for people who care for their mental and physical health.

helps non-governmental organizations follow regulatory frameworks and takes over their legal documentation and procedures based on a monthly subscription.

manufacturers wooden toys to help parents entertain and educate their kids through creative and non-toxic toys.

is a concept of a marketing agency aiming to connect newly-created businesses with influencers and provide content to build brand awareness.

manufactures and commercializes handbags of eco fabrics to help people resonate with their personalities through their creative products.

designs and sells jewelry to pearl lovers that want to express their tenderness.

Montessori Tower
manufactures and sells furniture and accessories for toddlers of parents that have adopted Montessori education style.

NIM Soap
produces handmade soap of natural ingredients to help people with sensitive skin cure their skin irritations.

is a conceptualized brand oriented toward people who want to emphasize their contemporary minimalist clothing style.

aims to manufacture and sell home furniture by providing its customers a unique experience that combines competitive price, free delivery, free assembly, and constant client support.

Safe Sleep
wants to help parents supervise and normalize their toddlers' sleeping routine by sewing sleep bags for between 0-3 years old.

produces and sells chili jam with fruits additives for gourmands and people driven to live new tasting experiences.

dries and sells natural herbs to help tea lovers have a great start in the morning, stay energized during the day, and feel relaxed in the evening.

designs and manufactures pet beds & accessories of natural wood, cotton, glass & fabrics for pet lovers who genuinely care for their little family members.

designs and manufactures wooden phone holders to help people experience comfort while using their gadgets while focusing on multitasking.

finds inspiration in nature and produces vegan dehydrated fruit leathers, crackers from germinated seeds, and fruits chips to lead people to a healthy lifestyle.

Eco Under-eye Patches
bring closer creative and reusable solutions to people who care for themselves and the environment.

XY Extra-Achievements

  • Moved to an awesome brand new office in the yet to be launched FinTech Hub (address: 59, Banulescu-Bodoni str., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova);
  • Concluded partnerships with digital tool providers, such as: Intercom, Notion, Bubble, and Adalo, so our startups will benefit from great discounts and free usage;
  • Extended our startups community to cheer up each other;
  • Enlarged our mentors community for knowledge sharing and expertise;
  • Found more potential investors for more angel funding opportunities

Stay tuned for the upcoming April 2022 news!