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XY Accelerator IV is an intensive startup development program that will run from March 10 to June 10, 2022, giving your company the opportunity to raise funds and grow internationally.
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Attract investment
We invest up to 10.000 USD in early-stage ideas in exchange for 10% equity in your company.
Access to an extensive network
We will introduce you to successful startup founders, CEO-ss, investors, clients, and experts.
Get operational support
Our Accelerator partners will help you with product development, sales, marketing, and finances
How is the program structured?
The program starts on March 10 and will last 3 months culminating with the DEMO DAY on June 10.
First month
You relocate to XY office and start working on your product. You will be talking to customers and working on your pitch deck.
Second month
You will pitch the results to the program partners. If you showed real progress, we will invest in your company and you will continue working with our pool of experts.
Third month
Our partners team will help with your final pitch deck and assist you in starting a new round of fundraising. We expect you to raise more than 50.000 USD in the following 6 months.
It`s that simple
To take part in the XY Accelerator, we ask you to fill in an application form. Its takes 2 minutes.
Why do founders love us?
Initial investment from BAM + free office space + special deals for development tools + partners’ consulting hours
International and local mentors ready to help and jump in on your project
Welcome to our family of talented and weird peers
Message from XY partners
Traian Chivriga
Product Development & Sales
If you are a student, you opt to consider our program instead of an internship at a company. Indeed, you will learn much more by working for your own company by doing sales, marketing, product development, customer support, and accounting all at once rather than checking your internship colleagues' work from behind their shoulders.
Olga Melniciuc
Finance & Attracting Investment
You can have this three-month breakaway to finally push your idea into something tangible if you are employed. You can ask your employer to give you three months off for you to try it. We suggest you tell us about your idea, and maybe one day, your former employer might be your investor, partner, or client. At the end of the program, you can even decide to return to your previous job - nine out of ten, and the company will take you back.
Alex Lebedev
Marketing & Communication
The deal is simple if we choose you, we will invest in your company for 10% equity, and you will have three months to make your business idea work with our help and mentorship. Eventually, if your startup idea does not work for any reason, then no grudges; you are free to end it, nobody will chase you to return the money. In business terms, this is a no-brainer offer.
Program mentors
We have a network of more than 80 experts signed to help during the program. Here is a draft list of our top-notch mentors:
  • Grigore Raileanu
    Founder, Retently
    Serial entrepreneur building B2B companies. Currently the product, marketing, and growth at Retently.
  • Andrey Kruglyak
    Product Design Lead, Upwork Global Inc.
    Have more than 13 years of experience in Product Design in such companies as Samsung, Samsung Next, Whisk, etc. I have two degrees: Applied Math (Computer Applications) and Master of Business Administration.
  • Alex Plugaru
    CTO, Gorgias
    Co-founder and CTO of Gorgias - a B2B SaaS company that's empowering all merchants to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We're proud to serve 8000+ eCommerce companies. We're a team of 200+ people across the globe.
  • Vitalii Petrosyan
    CEO, Aisber LLC
    As an entrepreneur, he already has a range of successful products in the IT industry (mostly in the mobile app industry) and the best achievement for the moment is an international brand product with more than 40M downloads worldwide.
  • Riccardo Fedeli
    Head of New Business IT, Picanova Group
    Experienced manager and entrepreneur. Expert in eCommerce solutions and web development.
  • Vladimir Balaban
    Director, Comsales Grup
    Owner of one of the largest metal manufacturing plants in Moldova. Expert in organizational process setup and sales.
What our successful startups say
Working with the most talented entrepreneurs is a privilege.
  • Stas Balaur
    Founder Teleportravel
    The Accelerator is not all about money and investments but a family-like community that truly appreciates your efforts. We have been granted everything we asked for a good start and scale. Alongside XY, success is guaranteed!
  • Anastasia Haraz
    Founder Floral Soul
    At Floral Soul, we believe that teamwork brings amazing results. Together with XY, we've established a great partnership, where each member helped grow the Floral Soul family with care and dedication. It's great to share the challenges and success with the close ones.
We started working with them at the idea stage
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